Packer's Pine Tar Soap 3.3 oz.

Packers Pine Tar Soap
Packers Pine Tar Soap
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Product Description

Packer's Original Pine Tar Soap is always fresh thanks to the famous Silver Foil Box. This famous soap contains natural Pine Tar. Since 1869 it has been recommended by many doctors as a shampoo and complexion soap helpful in many minor skin and scalp troubles.


The Aviator
The movie "The Aviator" is based on the life of the legendary director and aviator Howard Hughes at the peak of his popularity. It is well documented that he was very compulsive about keeping clean and being very aware of germs. The movie depicts him as washing his hands often and very methodically with pine tar soap. Although the smell is not pleasant the soap has been used for years to treat Psoriasis, dandruff and other skin irritations. There are several scenes in the movie where Howard Hughes(played by Leonardo DiCaprio) would carry a tin box with him and remove a blackish-grey soap and wash his hands repeatedly. This soap is called Packer's Pine Tar Soap. During production we sold the studio a case of twenty four bars to be used in these scenes. So the next time you see the movie, watch for the soap.

Up above is a letter thanking us for our participation in the producton of the movie. Keep clicking the picture to enlarge.
The Aviator Aviator
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