Ear Wax Candles (2 per pack)

Ear Wax Candles (paraffin or bees wax)
Ear Wax Candles (paraffin or bees wax)
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Product Description

Ear Wax Candles are a natural, home remedy that feels good. As smoke from the ear candle enters the ear canal, hardened deposits of ear wax soften. The air in the ear is replaced by warm smoke creating a gentle vacuum pulling old ear wax and debris out of the ear, and into the ear candle. This process is known as "candling" or "coning", and has been used for centuries around the world. Ear candling is much safer than using Q-Tips and may return benefits such as better hearing and less head congestion. Clean stubborn buildups of ear wax from your ears that is virtually impossible to remove with other methods.

Each ear candle is 11" in length, and has a diameter of 1/2". 100% unbleached cotton is used with beeswax to create these wonderful ear wax candles. No additives or dyes are used.

Instructions For Use You will need someone to assist you, along with a paper plate, a container of water, matches, and two or more ear wax candles. Make an opening in the center of the paper plate large enough for the ear candle to fit through snugly. Lie on your side, and light the large end of the ear candle. Place the small end into your ear and adjust it until no smoke leaks from around the ear. Keep the candle from clogging, but it may be unclogged as needed with a long, thin instrument. Extinguish the ear candle in water when it has burned to within 3 to 4 inches of the plate.

Instructions are sent with every pair of ear wax candles.

Paraffin Ear Candles
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Paraffin Ear Candles paraffinear
Bees Wax Ear Candles
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Bees Wax Ear Candles 2Pack
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